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At ADTC, we recognize the hurdles you face with skilled labor shortages. We deploy our deep industry knowledge and innovative recruitment tactics to deliver tailor-made solutions, ensuring your workforce is a step ahead and fully equipped to meet your operational needs.


There's a common misconception today that "nobody wants to work," but at ADTC, we see a different picture. Millions of underemployed Americans are eager to work; they simply lack the fundamental skills and opportunities. The traditional post-secondary education system, with its lengthy and costly structure, often creates barriers rather than bridges for talent. We believe in breaking down these barriers, offering shorter, focused training that equips individuals with the skills they need. This approach opens doors for a new wave of talent, ready and able to make substantial contributions to various industries.


Unlike traditional recruitment that focuses on prior work experience, our data shows that the most successful hires share these 4 character traits: 

Good Attitude

Approaching situations and challenges with positivity and optimism.

Strong Aptitude

Ability to comprehend different mechanical systems and processes.

People Skills

Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with others in a respectful manner.

Willing To Learn

Eagerness to acquire new knowledge and skills.



By proactively targeting potential candidates, we shorten the hiring process and expand your talent pool with pre-qualified candidates, making sure your workforce development never stalls. 



Using AI tools and a team of experienced ADTC recruiters, our predictive SmartScore is used to evaluate 5 key attributes: soft skills, mechanical aptitude, attitude, reliability, and teamwork.


Once the top candidate pool is identified, our partners can easily track and manage each qualified candidate using our TechFunnel Tool.




Our online adaptive platform tailors a unique learning path for each trainee, based on their prior knowledge. Our SME's can develop custom curricula, or you can immediately deploy our pre-built courses (Commercial HVAC & PowerGen).

As trainees complete their required ADTCLearn modules, ADTCCheck allows our partners to gauge each trainee's comprehension of the most important material.



Penske Truck Leasing

Truck Body Repair Program

After successfully training hundreds of diesel technicians, uncover the story of how we tailored a program for the niche skills of truck body repair in partnership with Penske. Learn how we modified facilities to cater to this unique training, resulting in technicians who deliver an immediate impact.

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Comfort Systems USA

HVAC Service Tech Program

Explore how ADTC tailored a training program for Comfort Systems USA, an industry leader in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, supporting their vast network of over 45 unique operating companies. Discover the strategic approach behind equipping new technicians with essential skills for diverse service demands, ensuring they are job-ready from day one.

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Penske Truck Leasing

Diesel Tech Program

With the crucial need for reliable equipment operation, Penske turned to ADTC to source entry-level technicians skilled in preventative maintenance. Delve into our case study to uncover how ADTC's tailored approach enabled Penske to successfully onboard over 500 technicians nationwide, boosting their operations across more than 30 states.

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